TWP Road 530 (Baseline) is closed between Range Roads 2252 (Montreal Trail) and 2254. there is water over the road in this location please detour to the Paddockwood Highway (Veteran's Road).


    Building Permits and Planning and Development Permits are required for all new construction in the RM.  Applications for these permits can be obtained by contacting the RM Office or printing them using the links below.  These applications must be approved by Council prior to building, therefore please plan to have youer application returned to the office  at least two weeks prior to the Council meeting date.  This will assist us in preventing delays in issuing your building permit.  New construction includes decks and sheds or buildings over 100 square feet.

    Forms required :  Copy of blueprints or building plans

    Building Permit Application

     Energy Efficiency Form

     Development Permit

Approach Application

If you are planning on building an approach to access your property from an RM road you must apply to the RM before doing so.  This application can be picked up in the RM office or printed off using the link below.  The approach location must be inspected prior to approval of the application in order to ensure proper drainage and safety.  If the approach is not the first approach on the quarter section the individual will be responsible for the cost of the approach as well as any culverts required.

Forms required: Approach Application

Moving or Demolition Permits: 

Prior to moving or demolishing a building currently in the RM you must apply for a Moving/Demolition Permit and a Planning and Development Permit.  These applications are available in the office or can be printed off using the links below.  Dependent upon the type of building and age of the building you may be required to obtain a building permit as well.

Forms required: Moving and Demolition Application